About Us

LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI), is an experienced source of specialized healthcare consulting solutions. We perform a range of industry-related services, tailored to client specifics, from operational assessments to compliance consulting and financial consulting.

Our commitment to bringing you assistance and our varied experience are what sets us ahead of our competitors. By combining accurate and up-to-date industry knowledge with a robust team of subject matter experts, we provide a means for you to evaluate acquisitions, maintain billing and coding compliance, and enhance profitability; all within the broader context of relevant medical legislation and health programs.

Work with us, and your organization will have the support necessary to make sure your extra healthcare needs are taken care of efficiently and correctly. Visit our Services Page or contact us directly for more information.

Here are more reasons for you to trust in us with important healthcare decisions:

  • Strong industry knowledge: All of our staff have years of experience in their area of expertise. They are abreast of the most current changes to relevant regulations and are both personally experienced and professionally certified to perform comprehensive work.
  • Commitment to core company values: We have strict core values that include integrity, teamwork, personal growth and a commitment to being forthright about our work. Our processes will be highly supported by facts and data driven conclusions and will be easy to understand.
  • Certified Women’s Business Enterprise: LW Consulting is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and recognized as a woman-operated business.
  • Skills in handling compliance issues: The talented staff at LWCI excels in addressing problems that might lead to compliance discrepancies. This can involve a formal audit, education, an assessment or technical work or updating the medical codes you rely on so they fit with the latest standards.
  • Experience as an IRO service: We can also function as an Independent Review Organization (IRO), should you require one, and proceed in this capacity while following government-mandated regulations, particularly those of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).
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